Cookie policy

BeRepublic Networks, S.L. informs its website users about the use of cookies to improve the user experience and guarantee its optimal functioning.

1. What is a cookie?

A cookie (also known as a browser cookie or a tracing cookie) is a small file that is sent from the website and stored in the user’s browser, which allows for the recording of the user’s activity during his/her navigation on the site. Its main functions are:

2. What cookies does this website use?

This website makes use of the following types of cookies:

Google Analytics cookies

Every time the user visits a site, Google Analytics generates an analytics cookie in his/her browser that will only be used with statistical purposes. This cookie, that is only generated with the visit, will allow BeRepublic to obtain anonymous information about that user who has made the visit. With it, the aim is:

More information about Analytics cookies on

Geolocation cookies

It is a completely anonymous cookie that is only used to adapt the content, according to location. They store geolocation information about the computer or device with the goal of offering tailored contents and services according to country, city or language.

t should be noted that this site does not use advertisement cookies, that allow to send personalized advertising to the visitors of the websites.

External social network cookies

They are used so that the visitors can interact with the content of different social platforms.

3. Can they be disabled?

Every modern browser allows to disable the download of cookies. Usually, these settings are found in the settings or preferences located in the browser’s menu. If your prefer to restrict, block or delete the cookies from this website, you just have to modify your browser’s configuration. Even though the parametrization of each browser is different, here you will find detailed information about how to act in the most common browsers:

4. Information about the identification of who uses the cookie

The information obtained from the cookies is treated by BEREPUBLIC NETWORKS, S.L., in that the analytics service provision has been hired from Google Analytics where by following the link you will be able to access their legal conditions.

There may also be third party add-ons in that by following these links you will be able to check the legal conditions about the cookies of each of them:

5. Cookie policy modifications

BeRepublic Networks, S.L. reserves the right to unilaterally modify the cookie policy in compliance with legal demands or other norms according to what is dictated by the Spanish Data Protection Agency. Given that it is possible that because of new interpretations made by the qualified regulating body, judges or courts, this cookie policy may suffer modifications it is requested to the user that he/she regularly check its content.