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CRM Strategy & Journey Optimization

We help you attract, convert and retain your consumers

We connect people with people. Interaction with clients has evolved at a speed that requires us to go beyond traditional concepts and address them in a unique and personalized way.

At BeRepublic we take the user as the central element and from there we define the best strategy for content, messaging, automation, data and reports, etc., creating more efficient and direct channels according to their needs and expectations. 

We create CRM strategies capable of forging an honest, close and effective relationship with your clients.

El equipo de Customer Data & Insights de BeRepublic aporta valor de desde el inicio del proceso, ayudándote a definir tarquitectura de datos / CRM y realizando análisis descriptivos multivariante, segmentación de usuarios y clustering analysis. 


Adicionalmente, creamos dashboards en diferentes herramientas de visualización de datos como Datorama-Salesforce, Power BI o Data Studio para ayudarte a comprender con claridad lo que ocurre durante las interacciones con tus clientes y sacarles el máximo provecho a los datos. 

We abandon the vision where CRM is the equivalent of user acquisition and email marketing actions to push business growth through the creation of customer-centric experiences. Because to grow it is essential to provide value to our clients.


The challenge lies in understanding who our clients are, what they want from us and when they want it, and implementing the necessary actions to exceed their expectations at each touchpoint. 


We conceive these processes from the interconnection of Marketing, IT and Data teams and the confluence with the business objective. In order to achieve the success of the project, it is of vital importance to have a common nexus that helps the different interlocutors to share goals and speak the same language.

How we do it

  • Customization

We create customer-centric experiences where each point of interaction with users is tailored to their specific needs and experiences and adds value through one-to-one actions with the client.

  • Loyalty programs

We define Loyalty Programs adjusted to the needs of the business to turn consumers into brand ambassadors capable of feeding back the customer journey through word-of-mouth, without abandoning the premise of an exquisite user experience..

  • 360º execution

We support the client throughout their life cycle, optimizing the onboarding processes and designing specific strategies that allow us to connect with them in each phase they are in.

  • Strategic partners and suppliers

We integrate alliances and partnerships with leaders in the technology ecosystem in order to carry out the necessary developments for the execution of the strategy.


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