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Get the most out of your clients' data with actionable, business-focused insights

In the context of a digital economy in which commercial interactions are leaving the physical realm to be carried out entirely in the digital realm, being able to know all the details surrounding these interactions becomes essential to continue advancing and offering a better user experience. It is just as important to treasure this data as it is to know how to make the most of it with strategic and creative actions capable of improving the relationship with your clients and your business results.


We integrate your 360 analytics to generate insights with business impact to increase retention and value for the company.

Get the most out of your data with our insights & customer data consulting services.

BeRepublic’s Customer Data & Insights team provides value from the very beginning of the process, helping you to define your data architecture / CRM and performing descriptive multivariate analysis, user segmentation and clustering analysis.

Additionally, we create dashboards in different data visualization tools such as Datorama-Salesforce, Power BI or Data Studio to help you clearly understand what happens during interactions with your clients and get the most out of the data.

How we do it

  • Definition of the systems map / data architecture

We structure your entire client data line in a unified, combined and accessible way to be able to work and export it effectively in the future.

  • Descriptive analysis of the user base

We extract basic metrics from your CRM about the number of users, activity, average ticket, acquisition cost, etc., in order to proceed with segmentation models.

  • Historical (channel and client) segmentation models

We extract different segments depending on economic value, purchase frequency, number of purchases made during the year, repetition rate, etc., with a focus on creating action plans for each segment.  

  • Predictive analytics and propensity models

Based on historical client information, we predict how the client will behave regarding a product or service by identifying those clients who are most likely to purchase it.

  • Data visualization

We create informative dashboards with KPI’s and client interactions for a quick and understandable reading of the data you have at your disposal.

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