Getting the greatest possible return from acquisition processes

We charted a plan to optimise the acquisition of new customers by implementing automatic actions on generated traffic


Acquisition campaigns attract traffic at a very high cost, and much of it does not result in new customers despite the apparent interest in the product.

This is largely due to inopportune timing (“I don’t feel like filling out a form right now, even though I’m interested”), or to the user feeling the need to further consider the decision.

What if we could reach those interested users who have abandoned the process in a way that speaks to them?

How much would we be able to maximise the investment in acquisition by carrying out a plan of action for automatic recovery, fully scalable to any recruitment volume?

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  • 2016 and 2017
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With a strategic approach to recovering leads generated by the campaign, we drew up a plan for customised communication for each critical point where users tend to abandon the process. Personalised notifications are sent to the lead according to the critical point, their previous behaviour, and the time elapsed since their last interaction with the system.

I value BeRepublic’s ability to always offer solutions for our needs. The abandonment recovery project is a clear example of that.


Oriol Ramón, Director of digital marketing at Banc Sabadell