Connecting with distributors, retailers, and consumers

We helped Damm to improve their services and reach out to their customers through digital tools


Damm Group wants to continue promoting its digital presence in order to provide information and services to both its professional audience (distributors and retailers) and the end consumer. To do so, they’ve reinforced their commitment to dynamic partners with digital DNA—like BeRepublic—that guide them in the areas of communication and products as well as the management of customer relations and business.

In this context, we work with Damm in the definition, design, and implementation of:

  • The communications website of one of the leading beer brands.
  • An app and web portal to create a marketplace of services for retailers and distributors.
  • Email marketing operations to promote customer loyalty.
  • Year
  • 2016 and 2017
  • Customer experience
  • Content
  • Visual design
  • IT Consultancy and development
  • Data and analytics