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Tech & Digital Experience Design

Companies and cities designed in the image and likeness of their users

We undertake our projects with a user-centric approach that allows us to understand the new environments and digital tools that integrate each and every one of the points of contact with their users (whether they are clients or employees), both from the perspective of Digital Workplaces and Smart or Cognitive Cities, analyzing the physical and digital experience and designing spaces where the interaction between companies and their clients/employees meets all the needs and expectations.


We provide all the potential of new technologies and the most advanced digital innovations to the service of your users’ experience.

Any touchpoint between a brand and its clients is an opportunity to deliver a memorable user experience.

In this sense, we strongly believe in the potential of communities and ecosystems to reach different people who share the same interests, and generate differential value through labs or hubs, among others.

How we do it

  • Discovery

There are no magic solutions that are equally valid for all situations. Therefore, our projects always start with a deep immersion in the needs and expectations of companies and their clients in order to offer tailored solutions.

  • Essence & Purpose

We identify the essential pillars that define the experience and create frameworks that allow us to develop strategies and create activities in line with our clients’ purpose.

  • Potential Users

Using tools and dynamics such as Empathy Maps, User Personas or Customer Journeys, we create typical profiles to identify the most outstanding acts, investigating their objectives, frustrations, expectations and needs, and we use them to design experiences 100% based on those who are called to live them.

  • Experience Stream

From a detailed understanding of the users, we design physical and digital environments based on vision boards and benchmark analysis, always with a user-centric approach that integrates cutting-edge technologies and the need to constantly understand how to improve for users and the environment.

  • Vendors screening & Budget estimation

We propose suppliers that we know will be strategic allies of our clients and will guarantee the correct implementation of the space. We do the finance modeling recognizing the costs of each space and making the analysis and monitoring of the budget easier.

  • Content Strategy

We analyze the needs of digital content to be used on the building’s screens and propose communication strategies aligned with the overall strategy of the space.

  • Assessment

We support our clients in the evaluation of strategies or experiences already designed in order to assess all their elements and propose improvements that guarantee the best possible results.

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