Success story

Defining and building a new omnichannel brand

Type of project:

Brand launch





Profiles involved:

Business Strategy


In its commitment to digital transformation, the Catalan beauty company Puig seeks the collaboration of BeRepublic to define and build a new omnichannel business model to introduce a newly acquired brand in the British market.

For this commitment to digital transformation, Puig seeks the collaboration of BeRepublic in order to have support in the definition and construction of the new e-commerce, creating a community around the digital brand.

Type of project:

Brand launch




2017 – 2019

Profiles involved:

Businesss Strategy

Starting point:

In order to build an omnichannel brand focused on the client and accelerate the experience to a Direct to Consumer model, the beauty and wellness brand Puig acquires Kama, an Ayurvedic cosmetics brand (traditional Indian cosmetics).


Strengthens partnership with BeRepublic seeking support in defining and launching this business model in the British market.

Project objectives:

Build a profitable omnichannel business in 5 years and achieve profitable digital unit economics in 3 years.

Build loyalty around the brand, generating a community through digital and experiential content.


La marca abre nuevos canales en el mercado británico, con foco en rentabilidad y fidelización del usuario.

Project phases

The project was divided into an initial definition phase and a second construction and implementation phase:: 

  • Definition

  1. We define revenues, costs, marketing investment and other relevant factors of the business model.
  2. We created an operating model for PoC and roll out based on brand and consumer needs.
  3. We studied and set the strategic classification of each Kama product into four categories based on industry appeal.
  4. Finally, we developed a media plan based on lead generation, brandformance and conversion.
  • Set Up

After definition, we built both digital channels and B&M stores, implementing the go-to-market strategy.


Thanks to the definition of the business model, the operating model, the business plan and the 5-year unit economics, the project successfully meets the objective of launching the omnichannel brand in the British market.

“Thanks to BeRepublic’s help and expertise, we have gained a complete understanding of the digital market in order to face the next steps with determination.” 



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